"seafood on the tip of the tongue" in the august hit the city, seeking the international seafood cuisine tour
column:industry news time:2017-08-14
the seafood dishes of international seafood and exotic food culture will be on the tip of the seafood festival, and will be introduced to the new international expo in shanghai from august 25 to 26

integrating international seafood cuisine and the foreign food culture of seafood imports to gorge "seafood" on the tip of the tongue and imported seafood promotion tasting 2016 will be held on august 25 to 26 at shanghai new international expo center, 2016 the 11th shanghai international fishery expo site. the event will gather around the world have gathered together seafood suppliers of origin, talk around seafood dishes, at the same time through the tasting of seafood cuisine, probing deep seafood culture, open a multinational seafood gourmet tour.


this activity around the theme of "healthy, fresh, innovation", will be from south korea, thailand, australia, chile and ecuador, the five countries such as aleta group, tatong international top seafood suppliers including raw oysters, trout, salmon, white shrimp, black tiger shrimp, and other daily rare seafood imports, at the same time the scene also will bring the top red wine by the mysterious big wine suppliers for the audience's appraisal, based on the imported seafood cuisine taste buds to experience, will redefine the import seafood cuisine, set industry benchmarks for seafood imports into the domestic market.

in tasting import seafood cuisine, as well as seafood distributors, retailers, food and beverage of the present world are ready to do business district, offers the audience a one-to-one talks with the world's top seafood vendors, the chance of face-to-face communication, the road to compose the seafood imports new music!



how to make seafood delicious by the grand master!

on august 25 and 26

n1 activity area of shanghai new international expo center

delicious, good-looking, and fun seafood feast for you!

it's a year to miss it!

so far, dozens of buyers have called or left messages asking for information about the exhibition and products that will be displayed at the event, and online registration will be held for three days, only 200. the official registration channel has been opened, and the quality buyers are welcome to join this gluttonous feast! registration hotline: 021-67759120 ()