jiangsu dongtai city jellyfish fishing begins today
column:industry news time:2017-07-21

this year, the special fishing time for jellyfish in jiangsu province was earlier than in previous years, which was 12 hours from 12 july to 31 july.

in order to maintain good jellyfish production order, fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of fishermen, according to the actual in zhuhai, for days, dongtai fishery superintendency brigade ocean squadron crew at 6 o 'clock every morning, risking sorching burning sun, grouping to the north and south three port, fishing boats for departure to prepare for boarding. check mainly on the situation in view of the fishing boats, nets is in accordance with the provisions to carry and mesh size is in line with the requirements, rescue fire fighting equipment is equipped with complete, at the same time for the ship owners signed a letter of commitment on the spot.

this year, dongtai 288 claims for jellyfish special fishing licences to fishing boats, for three hong kong fishing vessel departure dongtai north and south are the particularity of common difficulties, in order to ensure these fishing boats out of the gate on time, team, communicating with various zhaguansuo in time release time. visa personnel working overtime to apply for the fishing vessels to obtain visas for the fishing vessels that meet the requirements; the fishing vessels for fishing in different places shall be active in connection with the fishery administration departments of the parking area, and the measures shall be discussed.

at present, the fishing boats are out of the gate, orderly organization next, brigade will send china yuzheng 32532 sea cruise, strictly carry out the policies of the fuxiu, to investigate and punish the illegal fishing practices, to ensure stable fishing area.