the third lianjiang haizang festival will be displayed in the fishing expo: 2017 fishery week series publicity
column:industry news time:2017-06-16

according to a 2017 channel (fuzhou) fishery weeks china (fuzhou) international fishery expo organizing committee news, fishing fair this year will be held during the same period the third lienchiang kelp section and the second china algae culture festival, the exhibition residents can enjoy more than 100 kinds of flavors of seaweed products, and can personally experience the sea algae products production, processing process, understand the popular science knowledge of algae.

this year, the area of the festival and algae culture festival increased to 500 square meters and more than 50 booths. the content of the exhibition includes marine science knowledge and marine culture display. lienchiang officer dock marine development co., ltd and lienchiang doctors graduated aquatic products co., ltd., and other enterprises will show more than 100 kinds of seaweed products, including up to 90 cm wide of giant kelp, along with a variety of flavors of instant dumpling, fried kelp seaweed, kelp, etc for free tasting, exhibitors will also be an unlimited discount kelp products.

this year, in addition to try, kelp also increased a lot of interactive link, sweep contains code to collect, parent-child interaction, etc., the exhibition citizens can participate in play with children kelp, kelp dumplings, fried kelp, diy activities such as seasoning cold kelp silk, as well as watch kelp seaweed from the nursery, breeding to the finished product of the industrial chain.

lienchiang county seaweed industry association chief introduction, introduced lienchiang 1956 from shandong qingdao seaweed seedlings, japan's cheng mayor in macao offshore success, farming scale from at the beginning of 2000 mu of development to now more than 50000 mu. last year, lianjiang sea belt produced 213,000 tons, accounting for more than 80% of the production of kelp in fuzhou area, and the output value of the finished sea belt and deep processing zone reached 1.6 billion yuan. lijiang's "dragon", "waves", "haimin" and other haimin brands are famous trademarks of fujian province and the famous brands of fujian province, which are exported to japan, south korea, europe and the united states and hong kong, macao and taiwan regions. 2013, selected the first batch of fujian ten fisheries brand lienchiang kelp, in 2016 as "the most influential regional public brand" of aquatic products, and algal industry by the chinese association awarded the "chinese township of the seaweed" title.

this year's fair will be held from june 30 to july 2 at the international convention and exhibition center.